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Insurance4radioaidsystems and Insurance4cochlearimplants are trading names of Aspen Associates Ltd. Aspen Associates Ltd. is an Appointed Representative of Specialty Risks Ltd. Specialty Risks Ltd. is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority reference number 771865. Copyright © 2019 Aspen Associates Ltd. - All rights reserved.


One of our Directors previously developed Insurance4insulinpumps (www.insurance4insulinpumps.co.uk). When his daughter was diagnosed as Type 1 Diabetic, and was provided with an insulin pump, he was strongly advised to get it insured.

He soon discovered that at that time his Home Contents Insurance policy provider could not provide cover and that there was no specialist policy available in the market for insulin pumps.

Having been actively involved in lT insurance for many years, he worked closely with the diabetic community to develop lnsurance4insulinpumps.

The need for a similar product for sound processors was raised by a diabetic nurse who had a patient who was both an insulin pump and a Cl user. Working in partnership with the Cl community, Aspen then developed lnsurance4cochlearimplants. We worked with the CIC’s in Southampton, Bristol and Nottingham, together with BCIG, to develop and bring the scheme to market.

BCIG estimate the annual cost to the NHS for lost, damaged or non-returned processors could be over £2 million per year, placing an enormous burden on an already over-stretched service and delaying CI provision for new patients, often young children. Many CIC’s are now introducing significant administration charges for replacement sound processors, long delays to upgrades and various other penalties in an effort to reduce these costs. Insuring your sound processor(s) will avoid any of these penalties. https://www.bcig.org.uk/insurance/

Following the launch of this scheme, we were then approached by a ToD to see if a similar product could be developed for radio aid systems. The largest community of radio aid users is deaf schoolchildren. Currently LA’s essentially provide them to those children meeting certain criteria, with the LA’s retaining equipment ownership. (Some devices are purchased by schools, parents and various other stakeholders but most are provided by LA’s). Children are given access to them during school hours, and usually for school-supervised extra curricula activities. In general, except in various very special circumstances, children are not permitted to take them outside the ‘school environment’. Children collect them from the appropriate member of staff at the beginning of the school day and return them at the end of the school day.

All members of the community agree that children would obtain great benefit in also being able to use them in a social and domestic environment. However, most schools/LA’s do not currently permit this, as they cannot afford to replace them if they are damaged/lost/stolen. We worked with representatives of BATOD, UK Children’s Radio Aid Working Group, LA’s and schools to develop Insurance4radioaidsystems. It provides schools and LA’s with 24x365 insurance cover against damage/loss/theft. It enables schools/LA’s to allow children to retain their radio aids permanently, reduces the daily administration overheads on schools and removes the current in-school risks/costs to LA’s for damaged/lost/stolen devices.